Late, In The Season

I set my alarm for 8:45am this morning figuring that would give me plenty of time to write an entry about my first day on the job before I had to be at work by 10:45am. As I was about to leave to go to use the internet at 9:20am, I suddenly realized that it was 9:45am I was supposed to start and not 10:45am, oops! The other problem being that there were no more shuttles from staff housing up to the mountain and it takes 45 minutes to walk it. I set out hitch hiking in hopes that somebody would see the sense of urgency in the expression on my face and stop to pick me up a long the way. I guess it was believable enough and somehow managed to get to work on time.

Week Nine - Lake Louise 018My first day on the job I was working with Trail Crew which was great because I was able to get out and see the mountain. Since it is the end of the season, all the temporary fencing needs to come down and so we spent the day cruising to different parts of the mountain and removing steel poles and plastic fencing. It was a beautiful sunny day and the raccoon style sun tan I received as a result helped me fit right in with the majority here.

Today I was with the Snow School and so accompanied a couple of the instructors as they taught a beginners snow boarding lesson. Although it was freezing, it went well and reminds me how much I enjoy teaching; seeing others overcome challenges, make improvements and be successful.

Tomorrow I will be working at the lifts scanning tickets. I am looking forward to the interaction with customers, not to mention hearing the beep when scanning something is always undoubtedly a good time. That and I met the scanning supervisor today and she had made a name tag for me with my hometown on it, very cool!

It is great to be able to try out different departments within the same company and it really makes me realize how much work and organizing goes into operating a company with over 600 employees effectively.

They certainly do a great job here!

Thanks for the emails/comments with all your suggestions on how to get rid of my sore throat! Hopefully I will be back to 100% for Spring Episode coming up this weekend!