Gill Deacon Show Cancelled

I found out today that the Gill Deacon show on CBC Television was cancelled due to poor ratings and so I won't be flown out to Toronto in a couple of weeks to do the show. They were going to have me on the show and film me doing all sorts of various jobs around the CBC Studios from being a Janitor to Show Programming, yet since the show has been cancelled it is no longer going to happen. It's really too bad as I was looking forward to it - also because I need to get out to Quebec after my best friends wedding on May 19th and so that would have gotten me well over half-way there at no cost! Anybody have a jet plane and plan on heading out that way sometime during that week?

In other news, I was recently contacted by a production company out of Ottawa, Ontario about the possibility of turning One Week Job into a show. It is something that I had in the back of my mind and now that I am in Vancouver for a few weeks, I am going to look further into talking to different production companies about the possibility. If you have any contacts/ideas with any production companies and wouldn't mind passing them a long to me, I would really appreciate it!

My job for this week is planning my best friends stag, writing my best man speech, meeting with some contacts about One Week Job stuff and generally trying to get myself organized before heading out again. If you are in Vancouver and want to meet up, give me a shout!

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