Bienvenue au Quebec

I arrived in Quebec today after a rather long trip from Vancouver beginning at 7pm last night. I had a three hour lay over in Calgary and was able to meet up with a friend for a drink which helped break up the trip. It was difficult getting any sleep on the overnight flight last night and after arriving in Montreal this morning, I had to make my way out to the highway to do some hitch hiking to get to Quebec city. Things worked out well and I got a few quick rides and I am now in a small town 3 hours east of Quebec city called Trois Pistoles. After spending a few weeks back in Vancouver, I had started to become comfortable again in my home environment and it wasn't until I was saying goodbye and 'have a nice summer' to some friends the night before, that I remembered the journey that I have in front of me.

I am really looking forward to what lays ahead and am excited to find out where it will lead!