B I N G O !

I spent the week working at a resident care home for the elderly. It was not too exciting of a week, hence the reason for not posting more often, but it was great to spend some time with the elderly all the same. It seems as though the majority enjoy being there, comparing the experience to somewhat of a family, which was apparent. We had some interesting conversations about religion, love, politics, the weather, careers. I am not sure if they really understood what I am up to with One Week Job, but they were polite and supportive nonetheless.

Week Eleven - Trois Pistoles 016

The highlight of the week was without a doubt when the lady that I was playing bingo with won the big pot! Though I wasn't able to go on a shopping spree at the dollar store just quite yet because she neglected to split her winnings with me, oh well maybe next time.

Week Eleven - Trois Pistoles 019

If you happen to get MTV Canada (I am not too sure what channel it is), I have an interview next week Tuesday at 6:30pm EST if you would like to tune in.