Looking For A NiceJob?

A big thank you to everyone at NiceJob.ca who have come on board as a sponsor of One Week Job to help me out with my travel expenses!

One Week Job Sponsor - NiceJob.ca

If you actually know what you are looking for in a career, unlike myself, be sure to check out NiceJob.ca. Nicejob.ca is the first Canadian job search engine and the most popular, continually browsing companies' career pages for the most recent job opportunities.

It provides job seekers quick and direct access to thousands of jobs found on various employer websites saving all the time and trouble it takes to go to each site individually, or from traveling throughout the country changing jobs each week to see what's out there.

jobWings Careers is the founder of Nicejob.ca and is the Canadian leader in specialized job boards with 14. These web sites are all part of Publipac.ca, Canada's only niche job board network.

Thanks so much jobWings, I really appreciate your support!