Picker/Distributor - Wild Products

Although it is still tough to put a title on it, after yesterday I now have a better idea of what my job this week is all about. I am working with a company who collects wild products, ie: peppermint, specialty tea leaves, cat tails... etc. processes them, and then sells them to restaurants and specialty boutiques in the Montreal area. It will be interesting as I will be able to see the process from going into the bush and picking the various products, preparing them for the market, and then visiting various restaurants and selling them.

Here is what I was doing for 10 hours yesterday...

Week Fifteen - Sauvers Sauvage 003

My morning yesterday started at 5:30am and I didn't get back to where I am staying until close to 6pm. It was a long day and I now know what a cat tail is, looks like and how to prepare it for market; though I wouldn't be sad if I never saw another one again.