Guest Post: Denise Mosawi

denise-mosawi-profile-pic2.jpgI’m addicted to finding stories of people who’ve changed their lives to pursue their passion. This obsession has led to me collecting many inspiring stories over the years and I’ve drawn some key insights in what goes on when people decide to do what they really love for a living. You can read some of these inspiring stories on No stranger to life transformation myself (I originally worked for Microsoft as Head of Organizational Effectiveness and ditched the desk (and prospect of future stock options) in favour of pursing my passion â€" namely ski instructing (at $9 an hour). As you can imagine, life took on an entirely different meaning and spurred my enthusiasm to seek out those who made similar life changing decisions.

Ultimately, my experiences resulted in me creating Destineering â€" a company aimed at inspiring people around doing what they really want with their lives. We provide Personal Envisioning (one to one telephone coaching using envisioning techniques to help people visualize what they want to do with their lives), retreats in stunning locations around the world and hundreds of ideas on pursuing your passion, making a difference and living where you love. We also make documentary films of people who pursue their passion and make a difference. We’re all about inspiration.

I’ll share with you one key insight that I’ve drawn from all my interviews and that is that most people I have listened to, who changed their lives to do what they love, do not have a cunning action plan. Rather, they have this compelling need to act from the heart. There’s a certain amount of uncertainty that comes with this and they learn to get comfortable in that uncertainty and have faith that if they create a compelling vision of where they want to be, they’ll get there.

It sounds corny I know, but it’s true nevertheless, we never know how much time we have on this earth, why not find a way of doing what we love and enjoying our time here to the full? Good luck Sean â€" I wish you every success on your voyage of discovery.

~Denise Mosawi Founder â€"

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