My Life As An Innkeeper

I had a great week working as an Innkeeper at McGee's Inn in Ottawa. It's a great atmosphere to be a part of and everyone here has been so kind to me... not to mention the breakfasts are great! Could I be an Innkeeper as a career? Perhaps for some time, I really like the idea of having all those rooms available so during holidays you can bring all your family and friends together under one roof. I think it depends on what you value in life, what you are looking for in terms of work life balance. Being an Innkeeper, it seems like a career in which your social life and work tend to merge on its own. As in, you are just living, doing your thing, but you just happen to always have house guests.

In any business, there is always something you could be doing. So when you live where you work, I think it can be difficult to put everything down and stop for the day. Especially in a business such as a Bed & Breakfast - you are up at 7am getting ready to serve breakfast and your last guest could check-in sometime late evening. As was the case last night, poor Jason.

Jason is one of the owners and is a pretty awesome guy. He was in the military for five years and for a time he actually used to be one of the guards that stand in front of the Parliament buildings, and so at a certain time every day he was a part of the infamous and life altering 'changing of the guards.' Anyways, here is a picture of Jason and myself out front of the B&B.

Week Sixteen - McGee's Inn 012

I have taken some video clips of what I was up to this week, so I am going to try to edit them and make a short video for Monday. Tonight I am heading to Bluesfest to meet up with some friends and see some concerts: Manu Chao, and Sarah Harmer.

Tomorrow it's off to Toronto where I will fly out to Thunder Bay on Tuesday, then make my way to a small town called Marathon, Ontario where I will be the Race Director of a triathlon. Should be pretty interesting - considering how I just had to look up the proper spelling of triathlon!

Anyways, if you are in Ottawa tonight and want to go to a concert, give me a call, 416-735-9335.