Week Seventeen Announced - Race Director & Concert Host

penn-lake-pursuit-logo.jpgAfter finishing up on Sunday at McGee's Inn in Ottawa, I headed towards Toronto and I fly out today to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Not too sure exactly what the plan is as of yet - I think I am being picked up at the airport to go to my next One Week Job in Marathon, Ontario, but I guess we will see. For my next job, I will be the Race Director of a Triathlon, called the Penn Lake Pursuit. The triathlon is on the weekend, and I will also be the host for a concert in the park[ing] lot series they have going on Wednesday night in town. I am really looking forward to the upcoming week; I love small towns and the people that I have been in contact with just seem so friendly and excited to have me. They even referred to me as the "celebrity" race director in the brochure that was sent out for the triathlon, so thats pretty cool:)

If you are anywhere near the town of Marathon, Ontario this upcoming week and want to participate in a Triathlon or just to check out whats going on, stop on by and give me a call, 416-735-9335, it is sure to be a really fun week so stay tuned!