Week Eighteen Announced - Storekeeper

I received this offer quite early on in One Week Job and I am pretty sure that I decided I had to go immediately after I finished reading it. So, here I am - Read for yourself!___________

Hello Sean!

Bring your hard working self to Wilberforce, Ontario to Agnew's General Store and experience the retail business in cottage country. A family owned and operated business since 1921, we're five generations deep. In fact, until Grama passed away just last month, you could have easily found four generations standing side by side on any given day!

Located at the centre of the Geocaching Capital of Canada, Wilberforce is a small community that grows in size with the arrival of the cottagers and outdoor enthusiasts in the summer. Looking at a map of Ontario, you'll find us at the southern tip of Algonquin Provincial Park, a great place to canoe/kayak, horseback ride or hike.

Agnew's General Store has grown since 1921 with the addition of the Garden Shed, Eileen's Ice Cream Shop and the Cache Stash so there's no end to the action around here. Just when you've finished helping Elsie find the butter and have Larry's plumbing needs all figured out, Eileen's Ice Cream shop needs an extra scooper. And when everyone is happily licking their cones, away you dash to load 30 bags of cow manure into someone's little Mazda.

Enjoy talking to the different groups that gather to chat, linger over the giftware or ponder whether they need one half or three quarter inch screws for that new deck. Some people rush in to get steak for the BBQ and others spend hours strolling through the outdoor Garden Shed but each one has a story to tell.

In addition to above mentioned daily action, you may also have the pleasure of: wrapping produce running the cash register finding someone a toilet plunger filling the milk case unloading the hardware truck talking to the locals watering the flowers sampling the fudge (yep!) dusting the giftware talking to some cottagers sweeping the floor cutting a key talking to some campers mixing some paint grinding some hamburger talking to some geocachers weighing some grass seed filling the coffee pot dead heading the petunias talking to some visitors putting together a wheelbarrow re-folding some shirts or pricing the eggs (but no grass cutting, that's Harley's job)

By Friday you'll know the difference between a Porterhouse and a T-Bone steak, you'll wow your friends with your knowledge of cottage plumbing solutions and in the future, you'll know exactly which flowers to put in that planter on the end of your dock!

And as if that wasn't enticing enough, we have a spare room at our house and could use a good dishwasher/baby sitter. We even have a trampoline!

For fun, after hours we swim and kayak in the many lakes, ride our bikes and hike the surrounding forests. And to really top off your stay, we'll take you geocaching! (Treasure hunting with a high tech twist... a GPS!) A man with your sense of adventure is sure to appreciate a good cache and the Geocaching Capital of Canada has just that!