The "Ice Cream" On The Cake

I am currently in a very small town called Wilberforce, ON and haven't really had access to internet which would explain my recent lack of posts. Anyways, I made it here eventually after quite the long haul from Marathon - a 9 hour overnight bus to Sudbury, then had a bit of difficulty hitch hiking the rest of the 4 - 5 hours to get here, although I did meet some interesting people a long the way. It took me about 6 rides and I had to do quite a bit walking with all my bags. A cop pulled over to register my name and he said that he recognized me from an television interview or segment on One Week Job. He actually made a good suggestion that if I make a sign saying something like One Week Job guy, it might be easier to get a ride - not a bad idea.

Week Seventeen - Race Director 111

I ended up being just over an hour outside of Wilberforce, a long the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, and it was getting dark. Lucky for me, two guys (Tony and Sylvester) who happened to be heading right through Wilberforce were kind enough to stop and give me a lift before the mosquitos ate me alive.

It was funny. I was getting worried, not too sure what to do, thinking about finding some nearby homes and knocking on doors, then an hour later I was in a town called Wilberforce and eating one the largest ice cream cones I have ever seen. Mary (one of my employers for the week), met us in town, brought the keys to the shop and treated Tony, Sylvester and myself once we arrived. It was pretty awesome!

Week Seventeen - Race Director 115

Time to go do some Geocaching! Afterall, Wilberforce is the Geocaching Capital of Canada. I will tell you more about it soon, but check out to find out more.