Only Triathlons In Marathon

I had a great week in Marathon and really felt welcomed to the town by everyone I came in contact with. In case you were wondering, the weather did work out for us and it managed to stay sunny whenever the race was in progress. Here is Joe, Andy, and myself just after the triathlon on Sunday.

Week Seventeen - Race Director 089

Everything with the triathlon went smoothly, definitely a little chaotic at times with lots’ going on and trying to sort out all the logistics, volunteers, timers, the course, etc. This is where I was able to exercise the “honourary” that was included in my job description before the title of Race Director. It worked out well that there were two of us, because a lot of things were going on at that the same time. And ofcourse because I needed some time to take some random photos like this:

Week Seventeen - Race Director 076

We held a charity BBQ after the race with all proceeds going to support the Make Poverty History campaign. I was able to sport a pretty stylin’ apron and we had a lot of fun with it.

Week Seventeen - Race Director 077

After the triathlon had finished and everything was cleaned up, we headed back to Andy and Bevs’ place where we had our second BBQ of the day with some of the volunteers, organizers and participants. It was a great finish to an awesome week and I am glad that I was able to stay around to be a part of it.

Joe had his bag pipes out, everyone had drums, and we were making up songs as we went. A favourite was, “Sean is going on the bus” and “Hit the road Sean” â€" if only we had recorded it, I think we were really onto something.

Week Seventeen - Race Director 099

As you may have guessed, I took the bus out of town shortly after and headed East on an overnight bus towards the town of Wilberforce.

Thank you to everyone in Marathon for your kindness and generosity! I can’t wait to return one year and this time compete in the Penn Lake Pursuit Triathlon. Perhaps I could even perform at the Concert in the Park(ing) lot series out front of Andy’s Pizza Hut â€" though ofcourse I would need my multi-talented right hand man Pipin’ Joe McGill.

Take care,