One Week Job Show - Episode #1: Steam Whistle Brewery

At long last - the pilot episode of the One Week Job Show is here! The episode is the result of many...many...many hours of work shooting Sean on the job, editing the footage, searching for the soundtrack, encoding, transcoding, uploading, you name it. The result is an approx 17 minute film.

In this episode, we're introduced to Steam Whistle Brewery in downtown Toronto, where Sean tries his hand at pretty much every job in the company. Also, we introduce a number of themes, such as how a great work environment is a valuable asset, and crucial to a successful organization.

Finally, Sean battles with the balance between working a one week job and handling the media interviews (radio, tv) that draw some criticism from others.

So watch the show, share it far and wide, and most of all - let us know what you think! All feedback is appreciated.