A Week In Review: Finding My Place At New Tribe

tattoingI had a good week working with New Tribe Tattoo Parlour. It was an environment that I had never been exposed to and so was able to get an inside look into the industry and people. One thing became evident this week more so than others, that perhaps is one of the limitations of the project - I didn't feel like I could really contribute in an environment such as this which requires years of training, not to mention an artistic ability that I definitely do not possess. I found myself searching for ways that I could be useful, but there was only so much that I could do - apart from the sterilizing/packaging equipment, setting up/taking down stations, etc.

At the same time however, a big element of what I am doing and all that I am learning comes from the people I meet along the way and hearing their stories. In that regard, it was great to speak with everyone who works New Tribe and learn about how they got into the tatooo (and piercing) industry and their passion for what they do.

Ian got some great footage and the next episode is shaping up. It will be out this coming Wednesday.

I also got a call from FOX News in the States yesterday and it looks like I will be doing an interview with their morning show next Saturday which broadcasts nationwide in the US. It could be interesting to see what the job market is like down South.

For now, I'm off to the Greek Festival - if you are in Toronto and heading that way, give me a shout! 416-735-9335