Week Twenty One Announced - Cancer Fundraiser

princess-margaret-logogif.jpgThis week I am working with Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation helping promote an event they have coming up next Spring called The Ride To Conquer Cancer. Princess Margaret Hospital is Canada's leading cancer research hospital and raises over $60 million annually to support breakthrough research and patient care and education programs. This week I will be able to learn all about the cancer centre, the foundation, and help with one of their major events scheduled for next spring. If you recall, Week 18 I was in Marathon, Ontario as a Race Director of a Triathlon - looks like next year I might just have to return to Ontario not only to compete in a Triathlon, but also to cycle 200km in The Ride To Conquer Cancer as well... I suppose I better start training.

It will be my first job in the not for profit sector and I am excited to be involved in an environment in which the work they do directly contributes to such a great cause. I imagine in an organization such as this, it must be easier to get everyone on board working towards the same vision and to feel as if what they do is worthwhile.

Episode #2 from my week at New Tribe Tattooing and Piercing comes out this Wednesday. If you know of anyone who would be interested in sponsoring an episode, please pass the site onto them.