Commitment To A Common Vision

After spending only a couple days at Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and meeting all the amazing people that work there, I could definitely see myself working in the not for profit sector. I think it is so great knowing that what you do directly correlates to generating money and awareness for such a great cause. conquer-cancer-logo.jpgI spent yesterday afternoon downtown going into all sorts of store fronts to get some of the initial promotional material up for The Ride To Conquer Cancer event coming up next Spring. After learning more about the event over the past few days, it is really going to be something special. It is a 200km cycle over two days from downtown Toronto that is going to end up at Niagara Falls.

There is an over night stop in Hamilton, where there will be food, entertainment, massage, camping... it's going to be a lot fun - although it might require some training on my part because I am not sure if I have cycled 200km over the course of my entire life!

I have also had the opportunity to sit down with some great individuals who work at the foundation and hear about what they do, which you will be able to see clips of in next weeks episode.

It is great to work in an environment where everyone is so passionate about achieving the vision of the foundation. The vision is plain and simple: to conquer cancer. The majority of those that work with the foundation have been touched somehow or another in their personal lives by cancer which adds to the level of pride in what they do.

The infrastructure of the hospital itself is quite impressive. Ian hasn't been able to film as much as he would like I imagine, but hopefully we do get some shots in the episode to convey it.

As you may have noticed the second episode of One Week Job came out yesterday. We managed to find a new movie player for the show and so have been able to keep it at a higher quality which is good news because Ian puts a lot of hard work into all the editing. Before Ian came out on the road with me, I would always be telling him about all the work I had to do with the project, which he didn't quite comprehend. After two weeks, I think he is starting to finally realize what I was talking about.

Have a look at the Episode #2 and let us know what you think!