Week Twenty Six Announced - Advertising Executive

After finishing up with Roots on Monday, we then drove straight to Montreal and arrived at about 2am in the morning. The ad agency I am working for this week, Cossette Communication-Marketing, was in the process of filming a TV commercial and so we joined the crew at the downtown location until almost 5am. The good thing was that having done that, we were able to sleep in the next day.

This week I will be working on two of their major accounts, helping out with the post production of the commercial, and learning how an advertisement concept is developed.

If you live in the province of Quebec, I will be giving an interview Wednesday morning at 8:30am EST on TVA called "Salut, Bonjour." It is the largest morning show in Quebec, is filmed live, and is in french! I am a little nervous that it is in french, though I am pretty excited about it. After that, it's off to work!