FIFO Bottles, Chicken And Waffles, And Hockey

Enjoying the hockey gameWe worked with some great people this week and we had a lot of fun! The Trade Show was a success; many of the major restaurant chains were there, all of which stopped by the booth for a FIFO Bottle demonstration and we received a lot of positive comments on both the booth and the bottle - apparently we were known as the squeeze bottle people, so that's cool.

After the trade show on the last day we went over to the CNN building for dinner and we found out the Atlanta Thrashers (NHL) were playing in the stadium next door. We got tickets for the game which was tonnes of fun. It was a great game, the fans were really into it and there was always something entertaining playing on the big score clock.

Chicken and WafflesI also had my first Chicken and Waffles experience this week. Pretty interesting combination. I had never heard of it before and I had no clue that Chicken and Waffles went so well together.

I haven't been able to see much of Atlanta yet, though we are here for another couple of weeks, so hopefully we will have some time to check it out before we head out of town.