Week #33 Announced - Stock Trader

This week I will be working as a Stock Trader with Horowitz & Company - Investment Management and Financial Planning. Horowitz & Company is an Investment Advisory firm specializing in Asset Allocation. "We utilize Strategic and Tactical strategies to help reduce portfolio risk and at the same time attempting to maintain the overall return potential." While I was in college, the stock market really excited me and I thought for a time that I would get my trading license and become a stock broker. I have spoken with Andrew Horowitz, the president of the company, several times over the past week and I have no doubt that it will be an action packed week. It seems that he has a million things going on, and is always on the go. I asked him yesterday over the phone how many hours a week he works. He laughed, and said, "You don't want to know."

This was also my first One Week Job that I had homework before coming into the week. Andrew asked me to make a list of the stocks that will have earnings for Monday and Tuesday and find out what are the important items that will be reported regarding economics. He said, "After you do this, I will then show you what really matters."

I am really excited for this week and have no doubt that I will learn lots. In Andrew's words, "it's 0-120 in 1 minute with me. Strap in...!"

Here we go!