Book Review - Imagine: A Vagabond Story

Grant Lingel recently sent me a copy of his new book, Imagine: A Vagabond Story. Here is an excerpt:

"We all felt the walls and barriers of our lives crushing us and knew change was necessary. Not out of fear of the 'real world' but out of curiosity for a new world. I never thought about my trip as an escape, just a passage through new doorways that I had never crossed in the past."

ImagineImagine: A Vagabond Story is a first hand account of Grant’s travel adventure throughout Mexico and Central America. The book reads like a travel journal, as Grant honestly describes his thoughts on the places he visits, the people he encounters, and the personal lessons he gleaned during his journey.

Grant’s story continually reminded me that amazing events can unfold when you open yourself up to new experiences.

When I was on the road during One-Week Job, typically I had no idea where I was working only days before my next job began. I’d receive an email, phone call, or meet a stranger on the street and it would completely alter my path.

Likewise, Grant’s incredible experience wouldn’t have been possible if he wasn’t willing to leave his comfort zone, embrace uncertainty, try new things, meet different people, and take risks. A conscious decision to make it happen. Reflecting back on it, he’s glad that he did:

"{The trip} taught me how small the world really is, how similar we all really are and how it is the people you meet along the way that shape who you are and who you become."

To read the first few chapter’s of Grant’s adventure and order a copy, visit his website.