OWJ Program Participants Selected

Thank you so much to everyone who voted - we received close to 11,000 votes over the past week! I'm so inspired by the great response! We hope to continue growing the program in subsequent semesters to make it accessible to many. For now, there are three participants that will take part in the first ever semester of the One-Week Job Program.

They will set up and work 8 different One Week Job's to help further them along the path of deciding what they'd like to do for a career. The best part is that they will be sharing this experience through blog posts on the OneWeekJob.com website; they’ll share stories from the road, all the career and life lessons they’re learning, and provide readers with an insight into the 8 different jobs - Week #1 starts June 28th!

Over the next few weeks, you'll learn more about the three participants, their progress in lining up the jobs, and what they hope to gain from the experience, but for now here are their brief profiles:

    Summer 2010 Program Participants

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Michelle, 22, Irving TX

An unconventional and half-introverted college graduate who has a passion for self-awareness, knowledge, progression, free thought, effective communication, people, truth, and...well, passion.

I am inspired by: “that which I do not know.” I regret: "all the times I feel incapable of doing "amazing things" in the world." Today I am grateful for "my life, and tomorrow I will feel no different."

Amanda, 25, Toronto, ON

Curly-haired girl with a ready laugh who likes to take pictures and explore.

I am inspired by: “people who can challenge themselves and still manage to keep their wits, the Rocky Mountains, and soy lattes." I regret: "closing my eyes on the 'Space Mountain' rollercoaster at Disneyland when I was ten. Apparently it was a really great ride." Today I am grateful for "opportunity. I am so incredibly lucky to have the freedom and confidence to travel, learn, and make new connections."

Kieley, 20, Cleveland, TN

20-year-old dreamer who gets stoked about trying new things, loves coffee, free stuff, and hanging out with authentic people.

I am inspired by: “people who live meaningful lives that are willing to take risks and do crazy cool things that the average person would call absurd or impossible." I regret: "letting a lot of my decisions be based on what society accepts and based on what people the ideal life path is." Today I am grateful for "my hammock-it only cost me $20 and laying in it is so relaxing!"

    Original 60 second video applications

Michelle, 22, Irving TX

Amanda, 25, Toronto, ON

Kieley, 20, Cleveland, TN

It's going to be an exciting summer for Michelle, Amanda, and Kieley - stay in the loop by signing up for updates on the homepage!