On My Feet

I've been on my feet for the last 3 days.  Standing in one place.  For 12 hours a day.  I'm pretty sure my legs are gonna start to bleed soon...but no worries, its not like I haven't done this before... I'm shooting a conference in Toronto, and by "shooting" I mean camera operating.  I've been working in television production for the last 5 years, and have held positions such as art assistant, editor, reality TV production coordinator, videographer, and many others in between.

To be honest, it’s been amazing!  I've made some of my best friends and had some great life experiences. I mean, how

many people can say that they’ve shot exotic sports cars while hanging out of a helicopter and flying through the rocky mountains (I have)!  I've met celebrities, made decent money, and traveled (if you count going from southern Alberta to northern British Columbia traveling?).

As a female shooter, I have felt privileged. There are definitely women out there, but just the other day I had a camera guy from the Toronto Sun ask me how it felt to be one of only 5 camera girls in the city... Wow.

I definitely enjoy the team aspect of these jobs - working together with a crew to create a newscast, an episode, a story. At one point in my life I could legitimately say that I didn't know anyone who wasn't involved in television in some way. The bonds created on set are strong, and I would often find myself spending up to 12 hours a day with these people.

But, as much as I've learned and experienced, and as amazing as my “career” has been, I still get the sense that there's something else out there for me.  I have my Bachelor of Communication Studies degree, but have never used it...and I'm curious.  Shouldn't I get a "grown-up job?!"  Ha!

Enter One Week Job.

I was reading the newspaper on the subway one day, and came across an article on Sean Aiken and his 52 jobs in 1 year. I kept it. Literally cut the piece out of the paper, and stored it away. The story mentioned a program (and if you're reading this, you obviously know what I'm talking about!) where contestants would work through a mini-version of Sean's 52-week extravaganza, and come out with a stronger idea as to what their passion is.

Why not?  I’m young.  I’m fearless (except for the occasional Toronto driver and bad smelling deli meat).  I thought that this program could really change things…shake me up in a good way.

When I entered the One Week Job contest, I had NO idea how many people would lend their support! It was overwhelming and hilarious and humbling, to see so many of my friends and family get on board and spread the word! Complete strangers joined my cause on twitter, new friends added me to Facebook, and my Facebook newsfeed was literally taken OVER by posts, urging people to “Vote Amanda!” I even heard stories of family members in rural areas waiting an hour and a half on dial-up internet, just so they could cast their vote!

The last night of voting in particular was social networking at its finest!  It seemed like everyone I knew was sitting at their computers, counting the votes and cheering me on!  A huge thank you to everyone who voted - it's only because of you that I'm here.  The generosity and movement of the fans behind this program is incredible.

Also - a huge congrats to the other OWJ girls!  Michelle and Kieley, I hope you guys have a great time, and get as much out of this program as possible. And thanks for making the voting that much more intense!

Since being voted into the program, these last few weeks have been filled with a massive amount of emails, phone calls and advice-giving. Trying to figure out some kind of schedule for my 8 weeks it's a lot tougher than I thought it would be! It almost seems like too short a time to do everything I want to do! My list of jobs has morphed and grown, and morphed again.

As I write this, I have one week to go before I launch myself into this program.  The jobs are arranging themselves and some great people have stepped up to the plate for me. This summer is going to morph and grow and morph again. And if there's one lesson I need to learn, it’s the patience needed to just let that change happen.

I'm still on my feet, but no longer in the same place.  These next 8 jobs, will be something I've never done before.

Love Love Love

- Amanda