Reflections from Mount Seymour - Interview with Garry Rathbone

I had a great week up at Mount Seymour! Everyone I was working with love their jobs and were really easy to get a long with. This made for a fun atmosphere and I had some great talks with co-workers about careers, decisions and life in general. I hadn't really discovered snowshoeing before, and now that I have, it is definitely something I will be doing again and am even thinking about getting my own pair!

If you are looking for a fun way to get some exercise and get outdoors, I would be sure to get up to Mount Seymour for a snowshoe tour before the season is over. The guides are great, the scenary is awesome, and you will also get to try out that great hot chocolate I have been talking about! They have all sorts of programs, check them out here: Mt. Seymour Snoeshoe Programs

Here is a video of an interview that I did with Garry Rathbone, the IT guy turned Snowshoe Guide that I spoke about in an earlier post. It is pretty interesting and he has some great things to say:

As for next week, Week Four, I will be working with Volleyball BC and helping coach a kids volleyball camp for the week. I was hestitant to take the offer at first, as it is something that I have previous experience with and so is not too big of a leap for me, but it is something I enjoy doing and will have fun with!

I will most likely start heading East in the next couple of weeks, perhaps make a stop in Edmonton then I have a job offer in Quebec for mid-April so I will be heading out that way.

How you ask? Good question, anybody willing to sponsor the project out there check out the 'sponsors' page. I think I will be using a combination of ride-sharing, bus, and perhaps some good old fashioned hitch hiking. Who knows really, but I am sure it will be interesting!

Send your offers my way! Anybody out there have any connections with a Sled Dog company, or know any fisherman?