Longest day of volleyball ever...

Wow, that was a long day of volleyball! School doesn't even last eight hours, so trying to hold the interest of 50 kids aged 10-15 spending their spring break at a volleyball camp was defiinitely a bit of a challenge. We had some fun with it though, and I am sure they will be quite tired tomorrow... I know I will be! If you are in the Vancouver area check out Breakfast Television on CityTV tomorrow (Wednesday) as they are coming in to film a segment for their morning show. Then in the afternoon, a tv crew from ShawTV is coming in to see what I am up to this week. Should make for a good day and make the hours go by a little quicker.

Here is the interview about One Week Job that I did on my first day last week with Urban Rush:

Other Week Two video we filmed for the show

Until next time,