Marathon, ON - The Coldest, Warmest Town In Canada

Well the Concert in the Park(ing) lot Wednesday night went really well. I was hosting the event which I was kind of nervous about coming into it, but after having arrived in town and met some of the people it was easy to feel comfortable. All the proceeds from the concert are going to be donated to the Make Poverty History campaign and everyone was very generous and supportive!

Week Seventeen - Race Director 019

Joe and I were the last to perform in the concert and I made sure to lower all expectations that the crowd would have for my congo drumming skills when I introduced our act. I managed to keep a beat and allowed ‘Pipin’ Joe’ to work his magic on the trumpet and the bag pipes. Afterwards, I thought I would put it out there if anyone was interested in taking some lessons from me, surprisingly there were no takers.

Our focus has now shifted to preparing for the Penn Lake Pursuit triathlon this weekend and the last two days have consisted of: setting up the fencing, talking about how unusually cold the weather has been, cleaning the triathlon route, removing rocks from the lake, running errands, talking about how unusually cold the weather has been… It actually has been quite cold and I have had a permanent chill since I arrived. It will make things interesting when it’s time for the particpipants to start the swimming leg of the race tomorrow!

Week Seventeen - Race Director 024

It’s been a great week so far and everyone has been so kind to me. Especially, the family that I am staying with - Andy and Bev. Andy owns the Pizza Hut in town and so I have been able to satisfy my craving for breadsticks on a few occasions. Earlier today we went into the kitchen and I invented a new creation for our lunch. Look for it on the menu next week available only in the Marathon Pizza Hut, just ask Andy for the 'Sean Special.'

Week Seventeen - Race Director 039

I also got to go for a ride around the town in the Fire Truck today which was also pretty cool!

Week Seventeen - Race Director 050

After Marathon, I will be making my way towards the town of Wilberforce, Ontario to work at Agnew’s General Store. Apparently Wilberforce makes Marathon seem like a big city, so should be a pretty cool experience. I am not too sure how I will be getting there as of yet â€" it takes about 14 hours by car and by bus they take some ridiculous route that takes 22 hours. Anyone heading that direction?