Welcome to Atlanta

The FIFO BoothI just finished my second day working at the NAFEM Trade Show here in Atlanta, Georgia. The trade show is absolutely massive - just when you think you have found a great parking spot, you realize you have another 15 minutes to walk until you get to our booth. Trade Shows are pretty interesting. You get to say the same thing over and over again for the entire day, though each time you say it, you must show enough energy and interest as if it was the first time. After all, for the potential customer, it is the first time.

I like the interaction with different people. It's challenging though, as I only know enough about the FIFO Bottle that I can get people interested in it, highlight the benefits, then when more serious questions start (such as price or location of distributors), I have to pass them onto another more knowledgeable coworker.

The FIFO Bottle is one of those things that seems so simple, but such a good idea you are left wondering how it could not have been invented earlier.

Sean displays the FIFO bottlesSales often gets a negative association, because the perception is that they try to sell something to others that they don't really need. While I'm sure there are salesmen out there like that, I have found that it's not really about selling somebody something that they don't need, it's about finding the right people who will genuinely benefit from your product and connecting with them.

Another highlight: I was treated to a private tour of the CNN head office today, which was conveniently located across the street from the tradeshow centre. I will tell you more about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also the last day of the show. I finally lined up my job for next week today and it looks like I will be in Atlanta for a couple more weeks, though who knows, things seem to be changing quite often!